Frequently Asked Questions

NCFHA’s long-running Fall Open Series for women starting September 15th. Read on for additional information or register today.

Where is the schedule? Here!

What team am I on? Pending registration numbers, our Fall Series will include 6 teams made up of players from all skill levels. In the past, new players were assigned to a team based on skill assessment and each team’s roster needs. This year, all players (new and returning) will be asked to select a ‘preferred team’ during registration. We cannot promise to honor all requests, but we know that attendance numbers are stronger when people can play with their friends or carpool buddies. Check out our rosters here.

How are new players assigned to teams? During registration, new players will indicate their preferred team, skill level, and most recent year playing. Based on this information, the board will work with team captains to assign new players to a team. Rosters will be shared on September 12th.

Can I play for more than one team? In the last few years, we have relaxed our policy on “guest players” to fill out small rosters. This year, we will enforce the policy in our bylaws regarding guest players. 

Who is eligible to participate? All hockey players who identify as female are welcome to participate. In addition, high school girls without a high school team are eligible to compete in this league. Due to availability of goalkeepers, there are some teams who play with a male goalkeeper.

When do I need to pay? Registration closes September 9th. Your registration is only complete once you have paid in full. 

What time are my team’s games? Each team will have one game on Sunday mornings. We will publish a detailed schedule on September 12th pending final registration numbers. 

Does my team have a uniform? NCFHA does not provide uniforms to individual teams. It is up to individual teams and team captains to determine if uniforms are desired. Otherwise, teams are asked to wear a specific colored shirt, white socks for home, and black socks for away.